Through sustainable & socially beneficial investments we create value over time

We contribute to society by building strong, sustainable and profitable companies. Brofund has since inception proven result both as an investor and a company builder. We operate and invest with focus on culture based on the values of courage, responsibility and results. Our financial goal is to create market-leading risk-adjusted return.

About us

Brofund is a Swedish based Family Office that invests in private and public companies. The company was founded in 2013 and is fully owned by the brothers Johan and Mikael Karlsson. The purpose of Brofund is to conduct long-term asset management for the benefit of the owners and re-invest in sustainable investments.

Focus areas

Our holdings are divided into three focus areas: Long-Term Strategic Businesses, Disruptive Venture Investments and Financial Investments.

Long-Term Strategic Businesses

Investments in companies that focus on the sectors of Real Estate and Finance as well as Defence and Security. This is primarily, but not exclusively, done through the main vehicle Neptunia Invest, the majority owner of Slättö Förvaltning and MW Group.

Disruptive Venture Investments

Investments in some of the most innovative Swedish companies of today – seeing them through from seed to tree. Brofund Equity has the mandate to conduct these investments, which are often done through investment clubs.

Financial Investments

Investments in a long-term portfolio, with a focus on public companies.

Selected portfolio companies

About us

By focusing on the long-term, we want to create something with substantial and enduring impact. We believe in combining business value with societal benefit. By investing in socially beneficial companies, we can achieve our vision of creating value that lasts over time.

Johan Karlsson

Co-founder & owner

Mikael Karlsson

Co-founder & owner

Gustav Niblaeus